Congratulations to all winners of a this year's Best Poster Award!

MS 1: Nadine J. Schrenker (Antwerp/BE)
In situ microscopy of deformation modes in flexible silver nanowire electrodes

MS 2: Hélène Roberge (Nantes/FR)
Characterisation of selective layer and biomolecules fouling in polymeric membranes for microalgae filtration applications using 3D FIB/SEM, STEM and EDS

MS 3: Shabnam Taheriniya (Münster/DE)
Structural resolution of severely deformed dual-phase high entropy alloys using nano-beam diffraction patterns in transmission electron microscopy

MS 4: Isaak G. Vasileiadis (Thessaloniki/GR)
Aberration-corrected STEM analysis of monolayer-thin InGaN/GaN quantum wells

MS 5: Thomas Planko (Graz/AT)
Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) of steel – a study using correlative SEM, EDX and Raman microscopy

MS 6: Saba Ahmad (Dusseldorf/DE)
Strain-Induced Phase transition in Σ3 [111](211) tilt grain boundaries in Al

MS 7: Paul Simon (Dresden/DE)
Bone damage driven by podosomes at senile osteoporosis captured at the nanometer scale

MS 8: Ping-Luen Ho (Oxford/GB)
Semblance of imaging zeolites implanted with single metal sites for catalysis

LS 1: Katalin Solymosi (Freiburg/DE)
Insights into chloroplast ultrastructure under drought and osmotic stress

LS 2: Edi Rođak (Osijek/HR)
Morphological analysis of renal morphology in wild-type and Tff3 knock-out mice subjected to tunicamycin-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress

LS 4: Manuela Costanzo (Verona/IT)
Uptake and intracellular fate of ethosomes and transethosomes in epithelial, connective and muscle cell lines

LS 5: Jaromír Novák (Vestec/CZ)
The role of Miro proteins in intercellular transport of mitochondria via tunnelling nanotubes

LS 6: Antje Biesemeier (Belvaux/LU)
Multimodal imaging for high resolution nanoanalytics in biological systems

LS 7: Karin Kornmueller (Graz/AT)
Optoelectronic neurostimulation effects on an ultrastructural level

OT 2: Christian Rohner (Berlin/DE)
Distinction of microplastics by serial electron pair distribution function (ePDF) analysis

IM 1: Dagmar Kolb (Graz/AT)
Freeze and thaw – not necessarily a mission impossible for electron microscopy!

IM 2: Darius Pohl (Dresden/DE)
Dual-EMCD – a simple and robust technique for magnetic spectroscopy

IM 3: Masoud Taleb (Kiel/DE)
Strong exciton-photon interactions in WSe2 slabs using Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy

IM 4: Alberto Eljarrat (Berlin/DE)
Relativistic Kramers-Kronig analysis using high energy resolution EELS

IM 5: Tomas Laznicka (Brno/CZ)
Assembly for correlation analysis of samples using cryogenics scanning electron microscopy (cryo-SEM) and Raman micro-spectroscopy

IM 6: Yuuki Yamaguchi (Tokyo/JP)
Large volume 3D EDS mapping of Paramecium

IM 7: Franziska Weigl (Würzburg/DE)
Correlation of FluidFM® technology and fluorescence microscopy for the visualisation of cellular detachment steps

IM 8: Sangjun Kang (Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen/DE)
STEM-PDF – Open source software for STEM pair distribution function mapping