Abstract submission

Abstract submission deadline extended: 7th March 2021

Please note: Registration is not required for abstract submission!
The registration will open at the end of April and there will be an early bird fee until 15 June.
If your submitted abstract is accepted for oral or poster presentation, we will inform you about your registration requirements.

We cordially invite you to submit your abstracts for poster and/or oral presentations to the MC 2021. We are looking forward to receiving your contributions for the scientific programme and and would like to thank you in advance for your support!

Thank you for submitting your results from research and practice on the following main topics:

Instrumentation and methods (IM)
IM1: Advances in sample preparation techniques in material sciences and life sciences
IM2: Advances in cryo-EM instrumentation
IM3: Advances of electron optical instrumentation
IM4: Low Energy excitations
IM5: High Energy excitations and chemical quantification
IM6: 3D S(T)EM for analysis of large scaled biological systems
IM7: Advances in multi-modal light, scanning-probe and electron microscopy
IM8: Advanced instrumentation and techniques for diffraction-based imaging

Life sciences (LS)
LS1: Symbiotic interactions, plants, microorganisms and environmental sciences
LS2: Morpho-functional explorations of cells and organs
LS3: Cryo-EM of subcellular compartments and image processing
LS4: Bio- and nanomaterials for therapeutic and diagnostic applications
LS5: Membrane contact sites, trafficking and extracellular vesicles
LS6: Multidisciplinary approaches for medical and biological sciences
LS7: Microscopy in the development of novel materials for biomedicine and biotechnology

Material science (MS)
MS1: Microscopy and spectroscopy of energy related nanomaterials
MS2: Nanostructures and materials for nanotechnology
MS3: Metals
MS4: Electron microscopy breakthroughs in the study of low-dimensional materials
MS5: Ceramics, composites, minerals, rocks and microscopy in cultural heritage
MS6: Interfaces in ceramics, metals and minerals
MS7: Emerging topics in micro- and nanomechanical characterization of materials
MS8: Catalysts, sensors, semiconductor materials and devices, thin films and interfaces

Open topics and workshops
Workshop 1: The Golgi Apparatus – Microscopy of a complex organelle
Workshop 2: Research infrastructures for Electron Microscopy in Europe
Open topic 1: Emerging and miscellaneous topics in material sciences
Open topic 2: Electron irradiation effects in transmission electron microscopy
Open topic 3: tba

The deadline for the abstract submission is extended until 07 March 2021!

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