Welcome Reception
A warm welcome to the first post-pandemic MC to be held present! After checking in on Sunday we invite you to socialise with your colleagues and other delegates in a pleasant atmosphere with snacks and drinks.

Date: 26 February, 19:00–20:30 in the Restaurant “CALLA” at the Darmstadtium


Conference Dinner
The TU Darmstadt says Hello! Feel free to enjoy the food of the local students canteen.
The evening is included in the registration fee. Listen to live music from the band well known in Darmstadt “the Gypsys” and end the night maybe dancing with the MC-community.

Date: 1 March, at 19:00 in the Mensa Otto-Berndt- Halle (directly opposite the Darmstatdium, one minute walk)


© Pressefoto Gypsys

Best Image Contest "Art in Science" - We invite you to submit your best image!

The Microscopy Conference will award prizes for impressive microscope images of scientific and/or artistic value. Acceptable categories are original micrographs or processed micrographs.
Each participant can submit one image. The suggested format is A4 or similar.

To participate, the micrograph must be sent by e-mail to mc@conventus.de and two printed copies of it must be submitted together with a title on site at the check in desk.

The winners will be announced during the Conference Dinner and will receive an “MC 2023 Outstanding Micrograph” certificate. First, second and third place will be awarded.
The entries will be judged both from the scientific and/or artistic point of view.

"Bright inspiration from the sky"

"Dewetted Pristine Complex-Oxide Nanocrystals from Freestanding Membranes"

"Magnetic Dawn”

"Butterfly in the magic forest"


"Pt/CeO2 active site"

“Rising endosome”

"Cilia basal body of Tetrahymena by cryo-ET"

"This retina is now in your retina"

"Monopolar cyclone"

"Divided but Together"

Nb-SX Grand Micro-Canyon

"Au TEM Grid with Quantifoil Light Microscopy Image"

"Ferroelectrics go seventies"

"E’ry breath you take"

"Leukoycyte trasmigrating through high endothelial cells"

“Si crystallization in Ag-induced layer exchange (AgILE) or How to fabricate appropriate X-mas cards as material scientist”

"How the sensor should not look like”

"High-temperature TEM micrographs of a crystallizing SiO2-TiO2 nanobead: standing on the shoulders of giants"

"Metal sulfide ions self-assembled into nanoribbons"

“Unroofed xenapse”

"Friendly Fire"

"Release the pollen"

"Smooth the cube edge"

"Alzheimer’s plaque in oil"